Enhance Well-being in the Workplace with an Office Massage, Sydney

Rewarding and revitalising your staff doesn’t have to disrupt the workday. In fact, a seated chair massage for Sydney’s workplaces could offer the quick, perfect pick-me-up your employees need.

For over 20 years, Onsite Massage has been kneading their way through more productive workplaces! It’s no secret that, when your staff feel happy, relaxed and appreciated, they’re invigorated to work harder.

There’s no need to leave the office. Our qualified masseuses offer workplace massages in your Sydney premises, where all seated chair massages are delivered through the recipient’s clothing, with a strong focus on alleviating arm, neck, back and shoulder tension – those common areas of complaint for most office workers.

Events & Workplace Massages Across Sydney

Our corporate massage services take us to major events in Sydney and all across Australia, including Sydney International and Australian Open Tennis Tournament. In addition to providing stress relieving treatments to workplaces, we’re able to come to your event and add a talking-point and a mood-boosting service to your guests or clients.

With a light-weight chair that’s designed for maximum comfort and portability, there aren’t many places we can’t massage at. We’re proud to have brought our skills to major events such as the Australian Grand Prix and Melbourne Marathon, as well as events and businesses in Brisbane and Adelaide.

A professional massage service could make all the difference to your next big day. Rest assured everyone on our team has extensive training and experience under their belt. We don’t hire backpackers or students; only qualified masseuses that are passionate and knowledgeable about pressure points in the human body.

Reap the Benefits

Set your business apart from others and prove it’s a great place to work. Offering a regular corporate massage is beneficial not only for your employees, but also for the growth of your business.

  • Show staff that you care about their mental and physical health
  • Offer an office massage as a reward system, for hitting targets or going above and beyond
  • Give employees a small break from the workday (our massages last between 5-15 minutes) for a simple, efficient way to refresh
  • Alleviate stress caused by repetitive daily tasks
  • Boost the mood in the office and solidify a progressive culture

Book a Seated Chair Massage Today!

At only $70 per hour, our massage services are both affordable and effective. Each friendly masseuse is fully qualified and happy to travel to your event or workplace across Sydney on a one-off or a regular basis.

To find out more about the benefits, or to make a booking, give the Onsite Massage team a call on 0411 519 174 and we can get you on your way to a happier, more productive workplace!