Chair Massage for Employees

Hosting a seated chair massage for employees to boost morale.

We’ve attended hundreds of offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Bosses and HR managers are continously seeing the long term benefit of rewarding their staff. Businesses now need to work harder to attract and maintain quality talent.

A simple, cost effective and non disruptive way to reward your staff is to book a seated chair massage. At On-Site Massage we come into your office with all the necessary equipment. Staff just need to step away from their work stations for 10 minutes and return revitalised and more productive.

Hosting a chair massage for employees in three simple steps.

1. Book a qualified masseuse.
2. Choose a space in the office.
3. Create a schedule for employees.

Recently On-Site Massage attended Impressive Digital’s offices in Richmond, Melbourne. During their busiest time of year over black Friday and cyber Monday staff had been putting in extra hours. Account Director Caleb Wynne mentioned “Having Chris from On-site come in and massage the team was such a refreshing way to say thanks to the staff.”

Of course rewarding employees is not strictly related to offices. On-Site Massage has also attended dozens of Bunnings Warehouses throughout Australia. Retail workers are some of the hardest workers in Australia. Typically spending their entire shift on their feet, what better way to show your appreciation to let them sit down and receive a massage.

If you are looking to reward your staff whether it be in an office or retail space, contact On-Site Massage today on 0411 519 174.